SSH shell wrapper to provide custom prompt Jan 17

Or: How do you turn off login banner for non-interactive ssh?

I figured out two methods to accomplish this task;

1. Using command in .authorized_keys

In ~/.ssh/authorized_keys you add the following before a specific key

command="/usr/local/bin/shell-wrapper" ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2...JZK1E8H60=

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Using Nginx as SSL proxy for name based VirtualHosts in Apache Oct 4

At the company where I work we develop all kinds of Facebook applications. And for them to properly work on Facebook, they need to be available over HTTPS.

And because registering and installing a new certificate for each and every new app we create is a real pain in the ass, we registered a wildcard certificate and are hosting all the apps on subdomains.

That worked well, but we still had to request a new IP address for every app, because the lack of SNI in all versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP.

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